insideCT photographs by steve miller


Life as I find it. From state fairs to portraits on Park Street. My journeys throughout Connecticut and the people and places I like to explore through photography. I hope you enjoy looking at the featured photographs. Click on any photograph below to go to a featured slide show. Photographs are available for purchase. Please contact me by email.



Park Street, Frog Hollow, Hartford



coke rat

Connecticut News Portfolio

walking gun

Woodstock fair 2003-2005


More Woodstock fair, 2005


Lebanon fair, 2004


Goshen fair, 2005

biker chick

just a few more


Some of the music included on the slide shows was produced by my father Jimmy Miller (The Rolling Stones, Traffic and Primal Scream) and is presented as a tribute and collaboration to his fine work. All music is copyright of the represented artists. All photographs are copyright 2007 by steve miller.

Aknowlegments: I would like to give credit to a few individuals that have made a difference in my growth as a photographer. First my aunt Susan who graduated with a degree in photography from the San Francisco Art Institute, and her work that first influenced me to become a photographer. Photographer Douglas Healey for his encouragement to keep going that made this web site possible. Dick Polman, former editor of the Hartford Advocate who gave me my first newspaper job. Editors at the New York Times including, Carlo Mastricolo, Chris Jones, Jim Simpson, and Tina Lloyd, who gave me a great opportunity to work for the finest newspaper in America. John Long, photographer at the Hartford Courant, for taking the time to encourage me when I first started as a news photographer. Bob Child, photographer at the Associated Press, for his enduring friendship and vast opportunity to make some of the best news photography of my career. But most of all my wife Stephanie, for her love and friendship that keeps me going everyday. Thank you. Steve Miller